Couples Yoga released through is a game where you contort an onscreen duo into challenging yoga positions. You should quickly adjust to the yogis' puppet-like maneuverability as you move their arms and legs into the correct yoga positions displayed for you in the top corner of the screen.

Relax in the gameplay to the ambient sounds and zen environment beachside as you go about posing the fitness couple. In the initial levels of Couples Yoga, you will have to exercise your posing abilities by only putting one of the yogis into the yoga poses. Click the green check box that appears onscreen when successfully passing a level. Upon demonstrating mastery and moving past the stage of posing one yogi, you can move on to the more challenging task of posing a yoga couple. With further progress, the poses get more difficult, and elite training accessories are introduced to turn up the challenge level. Make sure to view the helpful walkthrough video for Couples Yoga to gain a better understanding on how to proceed if needed.


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