Agent J is a member of a secret governmental agency, characterized by their black suits and sunglasses. In this animation-style third-person shooter game published by, the agents serve to head off disaster globally that are under siege by rogue agents.

You control Agent J's movements and corridors to go into to complete the mission at the fastest pace possible, as he will run, dodge, flip, shoot, and reload and switch weapons until every enemy agent is eliminated. With Agent J as your avatar, you sneak into the enemy's base, knock off all the guards, evacuate quickly after getting important information, and choose the guns you will use for the battle. Eliminating the enemy will award you the currency needed to buy the props to make the battle easier.

The game will present five characters with unique skills are waiting for you to unlock, and you can upgrade your scopes, bullets, helmets, and vests. The weapons cache will include 20 unique weapons to collect - six pistols, six rifles, six shotguns, RPG, and Gatling Gun. Bosses that make their appearance at c certain intervals are hard to kill off, and each boss has a unique skill set with different weaponry. Review the walkthrough video posted below the game to learn any tips, tricks, or cheats that can enhance your gameplay of Agent J.


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