Futoshiki is a Japanese numeric puzzle game like Sudoku. The aim is to put numbers from one to five in each row and column, so they do not repeat themselves while they also must abide by the greater or lesser than relational signs placed between some cells.

The step-by-step process of Futoshiki is to assign the numbers one to five (higher if the puzzle is larger) into each row and column of the puzzle so that no number is repeated in a row or column while obeying all of the inequality signs (< and >). A less-than sign, <, means that the number it points at must be less than the number on the other side of the sign. This same sign in reverse becomes a greater-than sign, >, and the logic carries over – the number it points at is smaller than the number on its other side. Using the logic of the inequality signs players can eliminate some of the possibilities from the squares.

At the beginning of the game, some digits might be revealed. The board might also contain some inequalities between the board cells; these inequalities can be used as clues in order to discover the remaining hidden digits. When the puzzle is fully solved you will have one to five (or whatever the size of the puzzle is) in each row and column, and all of the inequality signs will be obeyed.

To further your understanding of Futoshiki, its rules, and help to solve the game there is an additional video tips and tricks walkthrough tutorial posted below, specifically titled, How to Solve Futoshiki Puzzles.


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How to Solve Futoshiki Puzzles


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