To begin play with Street Basketball, first select a player avatar to do your shooting. You are then moved onto the basketball court to begin the shooting contest.

Next to you will be a ball rack like in an actual NBA shooting contest where you can grab the balls to shoot. Street Basketball will let you attempt a series of shots from different angles and positions on the basketball court. You are given a specified time limit and a number of shots to get as many balls as possible into the basket. The striped ABA-style balls are worth more points to land through the net, so a game tip is to concentrate on these special balls for extra points.

A box appearing air the top left side of the Street Basketball screen will let you keep track of how you are doing point-wise and the remaining time you have left to play. A bullseye marker appearing slightly to the right of the ball rack seeks to give you assistance in taking better aim at the basketball hoop. Please refer to the walkthrough video posted below to better under who Street Basketball is played or for additional tips and tricks.


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