While playing I Love Hue, you will completely engage your brain, eye for detail, color gradient, and pattern matching skills while attempting to draw together the blend of color patterns into a cohesive unit. You are going to pull the color tiles into place while playing I Love Hue to form the gradation or hue blend from one tile to another.

I Love Hue is a simple concept – players must re-arrange grids of colored tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. At the very start of a new puzzle, everything appears in color order (your cue it can be done) for a brief second before the game scrambles it. Once the tiles get scrambled players have unlimited time to put the puzzle back in order. To move a tile, just place your finger (or mouse pointer) on it and drag it where you want it to go. Once the puzzle starts to come together it gets easier. The tiles with dots in the center can never be moved and provide clues about the order the blocks should go in. Upon successful completion of a level, I Love Hue flashes a glowing heart.


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