The Yellow Ball Adventure is a platformer-arcade game that has the yellow ball jump, roll, and bounce through tricky traps and oncoming obstacles to complete all levels.

Navigate around levels full of obstacles and make difficult jumps between platforms to complete the obstacle challenge and reach the finish line. Along the way, you need to collect all of the stars to get the highest score. Yellow Ball is timed, so you must race against the clock to try and complete the level in the best time possible. Your objective is to do everything you can to get to the end of the level where you will see the finish line flag. Challenging obstacles that will look to obstruct your progress include the spiked floors or falling down off the main path by missing the jump to a platform.

Also, be aware that landing on the moving platform does not convey a stable position and motion of the Yellow Ball. Thus, once on this platform, a player has to control not to fall off by rolling in line with the motion of the platform. A walkthrough video is posted below that can offer tips and tricks to help get through the game. But to reach the skill level needed to complete every level of the game, repetitious gameplay may be necessary to master the technique.


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