Xtreme Racing is an aviation racer game where you are flying your aircraft and maneuvering around and past structures represented by block objects at high speeds. The longer you fly without smashing into oncoming buildings, the higher you rack up the points.

While flying the large, heavy aircraft (think in terms of a C-130 cargo plane) using the flight navigation controls in front of you, you look to keep flying safely without crashing and exploding into the buildings. At the same time, you will see oncoming bubbles with a number posted within them that represent bonus points you can earn toward your score if you can fly through them without smashing into any buildings surrounding the bonus point bubbles. Quick hand and eye coordination is needed (or needs to be developed) to get through the challenging course.

This plane racing game will show numerous obstacles in your flight path, like in-flight simulation training, so you have to keep your eye and nimble fingers on the controls from the very start and throughout the game. Your target achievement in this x-racer game is to collect enough points to reach a high score rating in each race. Remember, the main goal to have in mind is to beat the best gamers of the world on the leaderboard ranking. Consistent flying and honing of your skills will help to achieve these goals.


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