In BitLife Life Simulator, created by developer CandyWriter LLC, as you make the selections that will construct a virtual life, starting from birth, you unveil how these life choices can add up to determine success or failure in the trek through life.

BitLife Life Simulator has a straightforward text-based game interface that will make it easy to pick up the gameplay as you make your selections to construct a life of your choosing. BitLife Life Simulator starts the player as a random character at birth and then allows the ability to make numerous choices as the virtual life progresses. It is a game that attempts to simulate real-life decisions and consequences. 

There are many paths to follow – from birthplace, sexualities, various careers, to have a family and many other choices that are offered through the game's simple-to-understand interface. You get to live your Bitlife year by year with different choices and events to choose from as the character gets older. Some choices are mature and deal with sex and drugs, but many relate to careers, school, and family. 

You can play BitLife Life Simulator free online from this webpage without having to download it. You can also view the walkthrough video posted below to give you a further orientation to the game, and should also offer helpful tips and tricks to improve your chances for desired outcomes with the game.


Play BitLife Life Simulator free online


Learn to play BitLife Life Simulator online or get tips, tricks, cheats from the video walkthrough


Bit Life Life Simulator Twitter community

Fans of BitLife Life Simulator are often anxious to know what developer CandyWriter LLC and fans have going on, and what's on their minds. Here is the feed from their Bit Life Life Simulator Twitter network below:



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Play BitLife Life Simulator free online game and view the walkthrough video for tips and tricks