Hello Kitty Nail Salon will give you an array of finger nail paints, nail brushes, and cute background images to adorn the nails with as it presents each finger nail as an enlarged area to make it easy for you to apply the craft of nail art.

Hello Kitty Nail Salon – Fashion Star is a style makeover game where Kitty goes through an array of manicure applications to achieve the ultimate glam look. Be your best nail technician as you envision yourself working for a high-end nail salon and you emulate the fingernail painting craft through a selection of nail color paints, brushes to apply the paint, and design prints to achieve your most creative manicure designs.

Work on one fingernail at a time and come up with a different design on each fingernail to create a fantastically designed or hilarious look. Or use the Hello Kitty Nail Salon game to test your abilities to work toward serious manicurist nail painting design work. Make sure to view the walkthrough video below to pick up more gameplay tips and tricks to play Hello Kitty Nail Salon.


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