The Rolling Ball game is a quick reflex game of which there seem to be many different versions. But mostly you will need to move around or jump over oncoming obstacles in order to be successful at Rolling Ball.

On game startup of Rolling Ball, you will be presented with a guide of how to control the moving ball to avoid the trees and rocks it will come across. Depending on your game platform, arrow keys (or finger swipe on a mobile device) left, right, to move around an object, and up arrow to jump over them. Aside from moving past and over obstacles, you need to collect the mushrooms to upgrade the power-up items and unlock more balls. Pick up the power-up items (shields, magnets, and magical wings) for more advantages. Keep rolling, as far as possible, to establish new high scores. A helpful walkthrough video posted below serves to give you helpful tips for playing Rolling Ball even though it has a different interface.


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Play Rolling Ball free online game and view the walkthrough video guide for tips and tricks