Ever After High Makeover Party from babygames.com has a unique theme where four princesses plan to use character costumes to participate in a special party. They are princesses, so they are intent on having the best costumes available to wear.

To attend the evening party thrown by their friends, you will help them dress up in stylish attire with makeup and hair-dressings. When you begin the gameplay of Ever After High Makeover Party, you will have to help each girl prepare for the party. As images of each girl appear on the screen, by clicking on each of them you will be taken to her dressing room to begin the makeover. Tasks you can expect to undergo: facial makeup application and hairstyle selection with coloring; with wardrobe selection, and the options for the clothes you are offered to choose from; choose shoes, jewelry, and various accessories for the chosen clothes.

Once you complete a makeover task click the correct button and move to the next section. Once you finish the first girl, then move to the next girl in a sequence of the makeover game. There also you can do the same things and do the changes for the princesses. And you can use your imagination to style each one outrageously different from the other. Make sure to view the walkthrough video for Ever After High Makeover Party posted below for more guidance, tips, and tricks to more effectively play this game.


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