In the Minecraft free game, player avatars inhabit a blocky, 3D world, with seemingly infinite terrain, upon which they can discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures or earthworks. The game has two play mode, survival and creative.

In Minecraft's creative mode you are mostly crafting and building from the raw materials you discover from the terrain that you come across as you explore. In survival mode, avatars need to find their own building supplies and food, and encounter block-like mobs, and/or moving creatures to combat.

You can develop Cube Blocks and make regular residences, luxurious suites, vast sculptures on your own, football arenas, or anything else. Discover how to tame a wolf, ocelot, and horse, start expanding plants, and establish your block farm! Find out craft recipes to make ruby armor, one of the most potent weapons in the Minecraft free game world. Reach the Nether, and defeat all aggressive animals along the way, or simply do whatever you want. You can find a full description and review of the Minecraft game at this link.


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