Excavator Factory For Kids seems to be a game kids can really get into judging by its viewership levels of the game's walkthrough videos on YouTube. They can gain a foundational understanding of heavy earthmoving and construction/excavator operation, and experience what it's like to be a demolition expert.

From initial assembly, there is a silhouette drawing of the particular earthmover which needs to have the suitable component attached into its logical working place through drag and drop placement. Arrows on the game screen prompt you along to correct placement or you can make a move on your own before they appear. After the excavator assembly, you will move the assembled excavator from the factory to then be gassed up and driven out to the work area to undertake a construction or clearing assignment. Subsequent levels that repeat this process will introduce new, different excavator vehicles to the factory of more complex design that requires the same assembly, fueling, cleaning, and operator use in the field.

You will be able to drive different types of special vehicles: trucks, bulldozers, garbage trucks, graders, and other heavy construction vehicles. Just by playing, you will find out what the functions of a particular tractor or transport are. You can dig a pit, fill it with a foundation, remove construction waste, remove part of the land cover, and so on. The Excavator Factory For Kids game is not only absorbing but also educational. This game will be enjoyable for the 2-5 years old child if they like tractor games, car sounds, house building games.


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