House Paint is a puzzle game in which you need to fill all the white spaces with exterior house paint. It can be tricky at times, but there is a logical solution to completing the paint job while following the simple rules of the game.

Run the roller across the exterior of what is likely a white brick house to complete the paint job. To complete every level, paint all white spaces by following what should be a seemingly logical path to covering all the white areas by applying strokes up and down, left to right, without repeating a paint stroke over an area already painted. When you are done with a level, pull the view of the house back from the close-up to check and admire your new house color paint job.

Advancing onto a higher level of House Paint introduces a larger house with a more complex area to paint. Once again you must make sure not to repeat a paint stroke over an already painted area to avoid losing points. This will form the puzzle aspect of the game which could require some strategy before you begin applying the paint strokes. In House Paint, you will begin to realize that advancing to different levels makes the game progressively harder. In the starter levels, you paint small houses, but as you move ahead you get to do larger homes that are several floors high with additional obstacles that make the game more of a challenge. Make sure to check the walkthrough video posted below the game to pick up tips and tricks to make playing House Paint easier to master.


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