has introduced Baby Panda Care as a playful way to orient or introduce young children or anyone with a nurturing nature to pet needs and pet care. It is not unusual that children love to engage in pretend play (think little girls with their baby dolls) where they mimic imitating parents nurturing a young child in early growth, and Baby Panda Care incorporates these steps into the game.

Baby Panda Care will guide its players through what is needed at the time to support and care for the little panda cub. This panda cub has a variety of colorful outfits to choose from. Dress it up in a magician outfit, dinosaur outfit, birthday outfit, and other selections. You will be alerted when Baby Panda is hungry and needs to be fed. Prepare at least four different types of food, and you will be able to tell from the panda's reactions what food preference to feed it. Toward the end of the day, this cute panda cub will need to be bathed, dried, and prepared for bed. After the bath and drying, you will bring it to its crib to be put to sleep and before that happens, you may need to read it a nursery story to help it along.


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