Playing Tomb of the Mask takes you through several different maze levels at a very speedy pace while you evade generated obstacles, and labyrinths full of traps and game-ending obstacles.

As Mask Neon you enter the Tomb in order to explore, complete all the mazes, while also collecting many of the items along the way to run up the score. Mask Neon looks like a tiny, yellow pixelated man, who you move using the arrow keys through the maze, as you move to reach the end of each maze while collecting all the white dots, yellow coins, and stars to get the best score.

The gameplay for Tomb of the Mask released through kiz10 is simple. On a computer, use arrow keys to move around the maze to collect the coins. On mobile devices, control play by finger swipe to do the same. Be careful about various traps that appear further down the road, because bumping into them ends your run instantly causing you to start playing again from scratch. A game walkthrough video is posted below showing tips and tricks for effective gameplay.


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