Be the best sushi master chef you know you can be while you play California Maki Recipe. The game mimics reality and makes a fun way to experience a simulation and walk through the process to create new sushi roll dishes straight from your imagination.

Whether you envision yourself to be a chef in a four-star restaurant or just preparing a leisurely meal for friends and family, Gameplay is centered on gourmet sushi preparation for a small gathering. The gameplay process will help you gather all the needed ingredients to prepare the best sushi meal through visual prompts.

In starting the California Sushi-Maki Recipe game, you will learn how to cook California Maki, a favorite sushi dish of the region. It is essentially sushi with nori (seaweed) on the inside and rice on the outside. First cook the rice –– this is the base and ingredient without which sushi does not exist. Use a special rice cooker for cooking. Then chop up the fish, avocado, and cucumber. Combine all ingredients and cut into portions in California Maki Recipe.

Beyond the game and gameplay walkthrough video, an authentic recipe video, "how to make California maki roll easy sushi recipe," recorded by Sushibyjeorge TV, and California Maki Recipe from Yummy PH, are included for the very serious-minded sushi lovers eager to enhance their sushi creation skills.


Play California Sushi Maki Recipes game free online


Learn to play California Sushi Maki Recipes game online or get tips, tricks, cheats from the video walkthrough


How to Make California Maki – easy sushi recipe by Sushibyjeorge TV


California Maki Recipe by Yummy PH



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Play California Sushi Maki Recipes free browser game and view the walkthrough video for tips and tricks