In Pinata Masters your aim is to shoot and destroy all the Pinatas and collect all the money to upgrade the weapons stash at your disposal. Lots of weapons are available for you, such as pistols, laser guns, grenades, machine guns, plasma guns, and explosives, to enhance your effectiveness and drive up your score.

The objective of the game released through is to destroy all the crazy Pinatas as quickly as possible to accumulate the points of each level. At least one of them will resemble the giant singing doll from Squid Game that all that game's contestants run toward, which should make it interesting. Pinata Masters 2 is mostly an online kids game, but anyone can relax and enjoy playing it.

To navigate the game, use the mouse to play it on the desktop to aim or touch the screen on mobile devices. You can play through over 100 levels and four world settings which will practically allow you to travel all over the world. A game walkthrough video for Pinata Masters 2 has been posted below to provide you with helpful tips and tricks in the game instruction.


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