Tile Master Match Game is similar to an online mahjong puzzle game. Essentially it requires you to match 3 tiles of the same element in the box below the game and try to remove all tiles. When all tiles are matched, you can pass the current level.

This version of Tile Master Match, from Take Five game studio, consists of a large number of levels that get progressively more difficult, which is different from Mahjong or other block puzzle games. Find matching patterns of identical funny animal face tiles. Use strategy to prioritize picks which tiles help to expose tiles partially hidden under the topmost tiles to clear the board effectively. For the best gameplay strategy start from the highest row. If the selection board has more than three tiles of a specific animal showing at any given time you are generally best off removing those particular tiles from the highest rows first so you uncover more of the playing field.

Avoid filling the match tray with odd tile patterns before you are able to place three exact matches or you will lose the level. Tile Master Match contains a large number of progressively more difficult levels. There is no timed clock to compete with which makes for a more relaxing gameplay, but a way to challenge and exercise the mind. If you make a mistake in Tile Master Match do not be afraid to use the undo button or restart the level. Make sure to view the helpful walkthrough video posted below for further guidance, tips and tricks, to get the most out of Tile Master gameplay.

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