Sky Roller is a simple rollerblading emulation game along a narrow skyway with steep drops that relies on your sharp reflexes to avoid the obstacles that approach as you rollerblade along a narrow path. The level ends at an oval platform once you successfully complete the level without falling off or hitting obstacles along the path.

During Sky Roller gameplay, a game released through 2Play, as you roll along the narrow pathway you will need to spread (or bring together) your legs in order not to crash into obstacles or skate along a very narrow path. There will be bright yellow colored banners that you should skate across in order to add to your point total. On mobile devices swipe your finger left to right to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line quickly.

Using your legs, you spread them apart with good timing to avoid oncoming obstacles and to choose the right path. To move, all you have to do is drag your finger (on a mobile device) from left to right on the screen. Use speed, agility, in the uninterrupted forward movement to reach the bonus levels in the best time possible.

As you advance through the levels, the course becomes more challenging, including ski jumps, curving pathways, and leaping onto a higher platform from a lower one. Each level you advance with Sky Roller rewards you with gems and experience points, both of which you can use to access new outfit designs and skates. You can also unlock new obstacles designed to keep the game challenging and dynamic. Make sure to view the posted walkthrough video below for tips and tricks that can help with sharpening your gameplay.


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