Wordle is a word game for lovers of any word game like Scrabble, crosswords, scramble, and other word puzzles, and similar to most other crosswords, is an opportunity to exercise the brain while building vocabulary.

In Wordle, you get six tries to guess a five-letter target word and spell it out on the board. After each guess, the letters light up in various colors as clues. Green means a letter is correct in its spot; yellow means a letter is elsewhere in the target word; gray means a letter is not in the target word at all.

Although there are several strategies that can be helpful to follow to succeed at Wordle, choosing your first word carefully is arguably very important. To optimize your best chances to win in Wordle, choose a word with three vowels and five different letters. For more guidance do view the useful walkthrough videos posted below offering helpful tips.


Play Wordle game free and online


Learn to play Wordle or get tips, tricks, cheats from the video walkthrough


How To Play Wordle: The New Game That’s Taking The Internet By Storm


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Play Wordle free online game and view the walkthrough video guide for tips and tricks