Come up with your best cake mixture and recipe for Merge Cakes, a game where you will combine different cakes and identical cakes, by drag and drop, slide and match, to get new cake recipes.

Combine cakes for as long as possible in Merge Cakes. The longer you stay in the game, the more coins you will earn to use in the shop. The game will continue play, even offline, resulting in players always having rewards when they return. Drag a dessert and drop it on the same dessert to merge them into a new recipe. The purpose of the game is simple. Merge the same cakes and find total 81 types of cakes.

Merge Cakes is a match puzzle game that features a variety of cakes from Europe, cherry cake, Cannoli, New York Cheesecake, and elsewhere. The ultimate goal is to find the best cake. Every player can get various cakes. Doing well at Merge Cakes enables you to purchase a higher level of cakes at a store, if you have done well to earn the money. Share the cakes you got with your friends. Make sure to check the posted walkthrough video below for a fuller understanding, tips, and tricks to do your best at playing Merge Cakes.


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