Playing Dogecoin Yolo you gain or lose cryptocurrency by skillfully climbing toward the positive earnings green gate while avoiding a precipitous fall by landing on any red gates signifying an earnings drop. This version of Dogecoin Yolo from utilizes the very popular Among Us meme character to climb or fall down from the earnings run.

The gameplay goal is to control the game avatar to pick up as many green numbers as possible. Just be aware to avoid the red numbers. You just need to make sure the value of Dogecoin Yolo is always shooting upwards. Red gates will send your line plunging downward, while green ones will send it soaring up. Upwards is always the direction you want to be moving, by trying to move onto as many green gates as you can. As your price increases, you will gain more benefit from swiping the gates.

Scan ahead whenever you can to try and figure out if there’s something more profitable waiting a little farther along. There might be a 2x multiplier gate directly in front of you, but before you hit it scan for what’s further along. Crossing a 10x gate instead is obviously going to be much more beneficial. Sometimes you are going to have to take a hit to profit to make it up later along the way. You can strategically send your line downwards at a certain point to then quickly recover, rather than hit a red gate and send it plummeting.

When playing on mobile devices, you tap the screen in order to change direction if you’re going up, then tap the screen to go down, and if you are going down, then tap the screen to go up. The end of one level comes as you cross the checkered finish line to complete the run and view the net gain or loss total of your efforts.

Dogecoin is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency and has attracted a vibrant, meme inclined community attracted to its meme-oriented culture. Dogecoin as a cryptocurrency has adopted the Shiba Inus, a breed of hunting dog from Japan, as an online mascot to represent Dogecoin. Makes sure to check the walkthrough video posted below to gain further tips and tricks to do well in Dogecoin Yolo.


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