The objective behind Hunter Assassin is to direct and control the elite soldier, whose role you assume, to eliminate the enemy Hunters in the maze. Hunter Assassin was a game that was highly downloaded in 2020, but you can play it on this website for free.

In action sequences reminiscent in some ways to Among Us, Hunter and Props, and other survival arcade games, you use the maze to your advantage to keep a safe distance from the hunters and then corner them at the right moment for a kill. Each hunter destroyed rewards you with the opportunity to gain more currency to upgrade to new skills, more speed and power, and to more easily cross the level. Each eliminated target provides valuable items. You also pick up stars along the way to gain extra points. The game view of Hunter Assassin 2 is an overhead view looking down on the action.

As you succeed through the levels, the maze will shrink leaving you with less corners to hide behind and access ways to escape to as you are being hunted. The action also seems to speed up since there is less maze to cover. The mechanics in Hunter Assassin 2 are simple enough. Control where you want to go by clicking (or tapping on mobile) the area of the floor you want your Assassin soldier to move to. Tap on an enemy to corner them within the maze environment and, once you're close enough, engage them with your lethal firepower. Each level passed will reward you with the currency and experience that you can later use to unlock new and more powerful weapons.

Make sure to check the posted video walkthrough below to gain more tips and tricks for becoming your best at playing Hunter Assassin.


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