In playing Idle Zoo, you are a tycoon investor that uses wealth to restore zoos by repairing old structures, building new ones, and placing new animals within the zoo structures so that the zoo will be a thriving attraction.

Idle Zoo is a click to put in place game where you restore an old zoo to become a thriving attraction again. Once you gain an understanding of the gameplay, you will understand keeping up a steady stream of clicks usually leads to an increase in the value of the zoo grounds. Import a group of new animals by selecting them from an admin panel that pops up on the game screen, upgrade the zoo's standards, upgrade items in the zoo's administrative building, and renovate the enclosures. Upgrade enclosures to new benchmarks which provide revenue boosts besides a more attractive enclosure. Clicking into an area or existing structure will open an opportunity to place an imaginative upgrade to it, which then results in a boost of revenue for you.

Your role as a wealthy tycoon investor is to restore zoos throughout the region and boost revenues from them. Normally you will start with putting in the penguin enclosure since they are cute animals everyone loves to see and will draw crowds to the newly renovated zoo. You are rewarded with money every minute at the rate shown by a meter in the top left corner of the game screen. However, you can earn much more by spinning the lucky wheel every five minutes; clicking quickly anywhere on the zoo grounds; leaving the game, and returning for idle earnings.

For further guidance and instruction in playing Idle Zoo, please refer to the posted walkthrough video shown down below for additional tips and tricks.


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