Dominoes is a much-beloved game played in many regions throughout the world, and with many different ways of playing it. In the online variation of Amazing Dominoes released by Amazing Hedgehog, you can enter a game as a solo player but select from two, three, or four players mode.

When selecting the multiplayer mode of two to four players to join you, you can expect to compete against challenging AI bots that will test your experience to execute smart winning strategies. The game begins by drawing a single domino stone. The player with the highest number of pips on it makes the first move. If there are two players in the game, each player starts with seven stones. If there are more competitors, everyone starts the game with five stones.

As the game progresses, the number of checkers will be reduced and therefore the number of options to advance and beat your opponents. The game ends when one of the players gets rid of all the stones or no one can make a move. If you want to find out more about the details of each game mode, you can click on the question mark next to them on the game board interface.

Whether you want to play one vs one or group matches of four players, Amazing Dominoes can accommodate you. Play with friends and view your offline or online gaming stats easily. You can also play classic game modes of Muggins, Draw, Block, Sewastpol, and Bergen featured with the app. Amazing Dominoes is free to download online, but playing it online gives you access to the online ranking system and In-game statistics.

For more clarification on gameplay and strategy make sure to view the walkthrough video posted below for additional tips and tricks.



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