Playing Bricks Breaker, you aim, touch and shoot balls to break all bricks with the best aim angle to break a maximum number of bricks in one shot. You must clear all bricks to finish each level. The bricks are destroyed when their count reaches zero ending the round.

Shoot hundreds of balls and watch them blast the stages comprised of the bricks. At the end of every shot when no more balls are left, what's left of the stage of bricks then shifts downward toward the bottom. So an object of the game is to clear the bricks quickly and never let them hit the bottom. There are numerous levels to play with the bricks set up in varying setups. The ball flies to wherever you touched so find the best positions and angles to hit every brick. Touch the play area or use the slider at the bottom of the screen to set the aim direction. Destroy all bricks to win the level.

Bricks Breaker is optimally designed for one handheld gameplay, so tablets and other mobile devices work well with the game. Make sure to view the walkthrough video posted below for additional tips and tricks to enhance your skill at playing Bricks Breaker.


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Play Bricks Breaker free online game and view the walkthrough video guide for tips and tricks