Be the superhero you know you can be playing Hero Masters. Adapt to available weapon systems that mimic those used by some of the most beloved superheroes in the Marvel and DC universes.

Hero Masters has you fight against alien invaders with extraterrestrial powers. To defeat them you have to become a real superhero like The Avengers or Justice League. Each superpower you are endowed with is strong in its own particular way. But in order to combat the assortment brought by the aliens, you must switch and alternate your powers. Each ability can be upgraded.

Spin webbing, shoot arrows, aim pinpoint laser beams and wield 10 or more new, fully upgradeable superpowers. In Hero Masters you can be the ultimate hero and defend the area to keep it safe. At the start of the game, you will receive the ability of Spiderman to shoot the spider webbing. After completing each level in the game, you then gain access to new superpower abilities.

For further guidance to do well at Hero Masters, make sure to watch the walkthrough video posted below to gain tips on defeating the invading aliens.


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