In Minimal Dungeon RPG, multiple rooms are connected into dungeons, and in the gameplay, you will just click on the squares to play and crawl through the dungeons. There are minimalist and simplified dungeon styles, and epic dungeons full of treasures and unexpected monsters.

In various rooms, you will encounter tasks, monsters, and rewards that are made clear to you by text-based pop-ups and a pointing finger. Then you can just click on the rooms to play and crawl through the dungeons. Minimal Dungeon seems to be a Role-Playing Game without the multiplayer environment that can accompany most other MMORPG games. You may encounter in-game purchases that can give you enhancements and advantages.

The first five levels in Minimal Dungeon RPG are the easiest to complete. After completing the first five levels, the camp or city will become unlocked which then allows you to sow seeds, grow fruits, indulge yourself in the forest, playing the dreamland mode. This will be your opportunity to make yourself stronger by raising essential attributes: HP - for survival, ATK - to increase damage, DEF - to receive less damage from enemies.

The more enemies you slay, the more loots you can gain that will make you stronger. After breaking down numerous barriers, you encounter the final Boss for the ultimate challenge. Two video walkthroughs are posted below the game to help you better learn the process of the game, and provide helpful tips and tricks to get you up to speed with effective gameplay.


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Lightweight Incremental Dungeon Crawler! - Minimal Dungeon RPG [Demo]



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