Wordscapes is modeled after other word puzzle games such as crosswords or Wordle. The gameplay seems to combine elements of a word search game and a crossword puzzle. Word puzzle games are of course popular since they help to sharpen your mind while building your vocabulary.

The gameplay process of Wordscapes is to create words from random letters to fill a crossword puzzle. You swipe the letters in various directions to form a word just as you would in an anagram. At each level of this word game released through 2play Games, you aim to swipe and connect the letters placed on a round dial of the game board to search for as many undiscovered words as you can. You also have the option of requesting a “hint,” if you get stuck. Keep in mind you have to pay with your coins each time you decide to ask for a hint with the lightbulb button.

Where Wordscapes differs from other types of word games, beyond the soothing ambient tones and picturesque images in the background, is that the goal isn’t to make as many words as possible, rather, the blank spaces in the crossword puzzle act as a guide to help you complete the words. If the word is valid and fits in the puzzle, you can move on to the next round. Successfully passing a level enables you to collect coins, and you can then use them as hints later. There is no clock to play against in Wordscape as in Word Wipe, so you proceed at your leisure. Nor are you deducted points or coins for trying a frivolous combination of words.

There are a few tips to keep in mind playing Wordscapes so you can quickly gain the best advantage in playing the game as is possible.

Tip #1: Start with the longest word that fits the puzzle. When you’re first given the letters, see if you can figure out the longest word first. This may help you determine what other letters are in the crossword puzzle.

Tip #2: Add an “s”. You may want to try making a singular word plural. It may also help you out in the bonus round.

Tip #3: Consider abbreviations. If you’ve ever played Scrabble, there are abbreviations in the dictionary that may be counted as their own word. The same applies to Wordscapes — try abbreviations such as “alt,” “sub,” and “demo,” for example.

For more tips and tricks, and to gain a better understanding of playing Wordscapes, refer to the walkthrough video posted below the game.


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