You will rely on smarts and strategy when you play Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain and Puzzle Quest aiding Herobrine of Minecraft as he awaits the magic boxes to land before him.

You assist Herobrine with arriving at the secret box by strategically removing different crates and obstacles that will eventually lead to the one magic box landing before him. With each level that you are successful in passing, the platform levels and arrangement of boxes, crates, and objects become more intricate in an arrangement. Figuring out which one to strike first that will set off the right chain reaction is all part of the Magic Herobrine challenge. Tap or click on crates, or explode/burn it, and get all lucky blocks. Use the repeat loop at the top left corner to do over a level you could not get. For more tips and tricks and learn effective gameplay of Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain and Puzzle Quest, make sure to view the informative walkthrough video posted below.


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Learn to play Magic Herobrine - Smart Brain and Puzzle Quest or get tips, tricks, cheats from the video walkthrough


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Play Magic Herobrine free online game and view the walkthrough video guide for tips and tricks