Count Master is a certain kind of runner game where you guide a crowd of blue stickmen past oncoming obstacles that will reduce your crowd's numbers, and toward bonus checkpoints that can increase your crowd's numbers. The simple goal of Count Master is to gain more people and not to run out before you reach the end of the level.

Oncoming obstacles that look to reduce the size of your stickman warriors become more challenging and complex with each level you pass, and point totals that you earn. Strive to keep your armies' numbers as high as possible, and bring your stickman warriors together to clash with the opposing red crowds that come at you head-on. Also, so that when you meet the big boss at the edge of his castle wielding his huge hammer, your forces are ready for his onslaught and hope to defeat him.

Your army will grow larger by walking through the right gate that will multiply or add to your crowd size. The number written on the gate signifies the number by which your army will grow larger. Use your acquired numbers to climb the colored steps that mark the end of every level and provide a test of how well you can grow your army by successfully making your way past the number trimming obstacles. For further tips and tricks on doing your best while playing Count Master, make sure to view the informative walkthrough video posted below.


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