Playing Zombie Catcher from games, you control the actions of a visiting alien that is trying to save a town on planet Earth that is overrun by a horde of zombies.

After the alien drops to earth from the hovering space wagon, navigate easily by using the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth, the up arrow to jump over platforms, and the spacebar to shoot laser blasts and grenades. On mobile devices and tablets use the game buttons.

You may need to move back and forth in the dark, windy forest before it becomes fully apparent where zombies are hiding. You may also be given onscreen prompts to help locate zombies. Zombies that you target and hit are lifted into the air by blue balloons to await your hovering space wagon to cart them away.

Advancing successfully through the levels in Zombie Catcher, you can travel across different worlds to hunt zombies with your weapons, jetpack, and brains, or trap them. Also, the area of the forest you search through becomes more challenging with more platforms to leap over and get across, and different kinds of obstacles on the ground.

Keep your points tally high by catching zombies and collecting coins and upgrading the needed skills of speed, jetpack, and weapon power needed to hunt specially enhanced zombies. You need to be fast or zombies will run and escape from your gun range. To become more familiar with gameplay for Zombie Catcher, and tips and tricks to enhance effective play, be sure to view the helpful walkthrough video posted below the game below.


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