Playing Color Pop 3D, create wonderful color blends and patterns by shooting paint balls at a rotating fan.

You will fire paintballs from a canon at a revolving fan that will then show the color blends and patterns as it is hit by the paintballs. The challenge is that a rotating (fan) blade also sweeps across the surface of the fan, potentially obstructing the popped paintballs and causing a disruption to your efforts. Use speed, reflexes, and timing to beat the blades before they can cut off the paintball shot.

Failure resets your score; however, you stay at the same level and continue from there. The game is meant to be a low-stress click-and-shoot game resulting in a splash of colors, with just the challenge of paying attention to the rotation of the fan blades that can cut off your coloring session by intercepting your shot. You will be able to view the walkthrough video below to gain a better orientation on playing Color Pop.


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