Play the World Flags Quiz game to thoroughly test your knowledge of geography and flags from other countries.

Playing the World Flags Quiz game, you will begin by selecting the level of play – "Normal" or "Challenge." Normal mode will provide a 30-second timer in which to complete the game, and 5 chances at making an incorrect choice. Challenge mode also offers a 30-second timer to complete the game, but the game is over if the selected flag doesn't match the country name.

As a country’s name appears in the box, simply tap or click on the correct match from the given flags. The faster you click the correct answer, the higher your score. Working your way through the flag quiz retrials, you will get the chance to encounter 201 various world flags. To gain greater familiarity with this flag quiz game, make sure to view the walkthrough video posted below to grasp the essentials of the World Flags Quiz.


Play World Flags Quiz online free


Learn to play World Flags Quiz or get tips, tricks, cheats from the video walkthrough





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Play World Flags Quiz online game and view the walkthrough video guide for tips and tricks