Be the master bartender you know you can be playing Drink Master as you spill beer and crafted cocktail drinks into a glass. Keep the measure of what you pour into the various cocktail glasses from spilling past the marked level shown on the glasses to nail the best score.

Your task is to mix drinks perfectly, exactly up to the set limit indicated on the glass to get the best score. A very brief instruction guide opens with the game attempting to walk you through the needed actions. Pour the liquor(s) into a glass including stirrers, ice cubes, and fruit wedgies where needed, and challenge yourself to splash a perfect cocktail. When you start to pour from the bottles, make sure to keep the mouse button pressed on the beverage bottle you are pouring from until you fill the exact amount needed into the glass, otherwise you can be penalized for the early release and the insufficient spill that goes into the glass way short of the mark.

As you demonstrate proficiency at a certain level of Drink Master you can then move on to the next level that requires greater speed, efficiency, and control. You will select the liquor bottle to pour from based on the one that matches the color of the drink line you will be pouring to. There is also a time factor and you will be judged on how fast you can select the right bottle and pour contents from it into the the drink glass. Make sure to check the informative walkthrough video posted below to gain best strategies, tips and tricks to do your best at playing Drink Master.


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