Playing Funny Bone Surgery, you help to fix the injuries of skateboarder Leah after she has an accident on her skateboard and has broken some of her bones and gotten bad cuts and bruises. At the hospital, she will undergo "Funny Bone Surgery" to help her get well again.

Players are given an array of medical utensils and medicines from an appearing "Task List" to help clear and rejuvenate the body of Leah and the wounds she has suffered. Treatment typically begins with a wash and gentle scrub to clean up the messy cuts and bruises suffered in the accident. Part of this process will be the surgery needed to repair Leah's broken bones. Onscreen prompts from Funny Bone Surgery will help to guide players through the process of her medical recovery.

At the end of the medical recovery and repair, game players then get the fun task of giving Leah a new hairdo with a change of hair color, a change of casual attire, and new shoes, all with colors matching the new leg cast. A nice way to complete Leah's medical treatment so she leaves the hospital in cheerful spirits. Make sure to view the very informative walkthrough video below the game to understand using the best options from the Task List to help Leah get well again.


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