Help to redo Daisy's current hairstyle into one that can be fantastic and even funny. This is the task when you begin play of Funny Haircut to help her get the best makeover possible.

The Funny Haircut makeover begins with a simple wash and dry, and then an organizing combing of the hair strands before beginning to trim the ends. Various hairstyling tools will allow the hair to be given a wavy or curly look. A change of hair color and colored streaks can then be added to offer flamboyant appeal by coloring individual strands of hair. Let your imagination run free to come up with the most imaginative (and even hilarious) hairstyle you can think of.

It doesn't end with hairstyling and hair coloring. You can eventually move on to choosing a new clothing wardrobe for Daisy, especially one that will match the new color scheme that has been added to her hair. Hair accessories and makeup application put the finishing touches on Daisy's style makeover. For additional tips and tricks on how to give your best Funny Haircut makeover, make sure to view the walkthrough below the game to gain a full understanding all tools available to you in Funny Haircut.


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