Codeword is a word puzzle game developed by Arkadium quite similar to crossword puzzles, but instead of clues, you are given a list of words and a grid of letters. Your goal is to fill in the grid with the words provided without repeating any letters in the same row or column.

On game startup, Codeword will offer you the opportunity to do a practice run-through. Then, in real gameplay, a grid of letters appears next to the game board. Some of the letters will be revealed, and the rest will be hidden and your goal is to fill in all of the hidden letters to spell out words. A good way to get started is to start by looking for short words as they can be easier to find than longer words. Also, look for words that are made up of common letters. These letters are more likely to be hidden in the grid.

Ultimately, your goal is to fill in all of the hidden letters to spell out words. Use the revealed letters to help you figure out what the hidden letters are. And use your own knowledge of words to help you solve the puzzle. Don't be afraid to guess since you can always change your guess later if you're wrong. Use the checker button when needed that is placed just above the crossword board and highlighted in blue. You can press it to check if a specific letter is in the right place.

Some common mistakes that you should avoid include guessing letters without thinking, getting stuck on a particular puzzle, and giving up. If you get stuck on a puzzle, it can be helpful to take a break and come back to it later. There are a number of online resources to help you improve your gameplay including the Arkadium's Codeword website. There is also a walkthrough YouTube video posted below for further guidance.

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