In Money Land from game developer 2Play, players are tasked with investing in the revitalization of a run-down city by collecting piles of cash that appear on the street and pouring them into structures in need of an upgrade.

Money Land players will control a stickman avatar that scurries through barren streets and sidewalks to collect piles of cash that will appear at a central and retrievable spot. Once there is enough money to carry back, you direct the stickman to the likely upgrade targets to purchase businesses, upgrade buildings, and hire workers.

As the city develops and expands, players earn more money, which they can then use to further invest in the city. The goal of the game is to create a thriving metropolis that generates a steady stream of income.

Players will increase their chances to do well at Money Land by focusing on purchasing businesses that generate a lot of cash. This will help you earn more money to invest in other businesses and buildings. Hire workers to help you collect cash and run businesses. Upgrade the buildings to increase their productivity, which in turn helps you earn more money. Expand the city block by block to unlock new areas and businesses. This will give you more opportunities to earn money.

The game's simple interface, intuitive navigation by mouse or finger swipe on mobile, and idle mechanics make it easy to pick up and play, and the sense of progression as the city grows keeps players engaged. Make sure to view the YouTube video posted below for additional tips, tricks, and understanding of how to do your best at Money Land.


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