Pou is a virtual (alien) pet game suited for players of all ages. In gameplay, you will feed, bathe, and play with Pou to keep it happy and healthy. Pou also has a variety of mini-games that you can play to earn coins.

To start the POU game you will be taken through a quick walkthrough tutorial at your own option. When you're ready to play you can move past the tutorial and begin play. To feed Pou, click on the "Food" icon. To bathe Pou, click on the "Bath" icon. To play with Pou, click on the "Toys" icon. Make sure to feed Pou regularly, or it will get hungry and start to cry. Bathe Pou regularly, or it will start to smell bad. Play with Pou regularly, or it will get bored and start to act out. Select outfits and styles to alter Pou's appearance to make it look unique. Earn experience points by completing tasks.

One of the game features that make it fun and engaging is that it can be customized with a variety of outfits, hats, and eyeglasses to make Pou look unique. Depending on the version or origin of the game (downloaded vs online) you have received, there may be a social function allowing you to chat with your friends in the game's chat room as well as visit your friend's Pous to see how they are doing. To beat the mini-games, you need to practice and learn the controls. You can also watch videos of other players playing the games to get tips just like the video posted below.


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