Stick Soccer 3D from lets you experience soccer with minimalist stick-figure graphics and simple controls. The game features a variety of modes, including single-player, two-player, speed mode, and tournament mode.

At game start you can choose from different teams, stadiums, and game modes to customize the experience. For example, you can play a quick match, a tournament, a penalty shootout, or a practice mode. In single-player mode, you can choose from a variety of teams to compete against the computer.

In two-player mode, you can challenge a friend to a head-to-head match. Speed mode is a fast-paced version of the game where you have to score as many goals as possible in a limited amount of time. Tournament mode is the ultimate challenge, where you have to win a series of matches. The tournament mode will bring you a cup if you can win all of the soccer matches

You can use a computer mouse, keyboard, or swipe a mobile screen to move, pass, shoot, and tackle. Players that play the game often usually want to know: how to improve passing; how to protect the ball better; how to defend better; how to improve dribbling skills. To become more efficient at Stick Soccer 3D use the practice mode to your hone skills. You can also view the YouTube walkthrough video posted below to gain new ways to be more effective at Stick Soccer 3D.

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