SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter requires you to match three or more of the same color bubbles to advance through the game. After clearing the board and moving through over 100 levels to play, make your way around the world and explore iconic landmarks.

The game starts with a set of smiley bubbles randomly distributed on the board. You can shoot bubbles to pop them and clear the board. If you pop a group of three or more bubbles, they will explode and disappear. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you will earn.

There are over 100 levels to play, each with its own unique objective. Some levels require you to pop all of the bubbles on the board, while others require you to collect a certain number of clovers or rescue a certain number of animals. The game ends when you fail to pop all of the bubbles on the board before the timer runs out. Make sure to view the walkthrough YouTube video posted below for additional tips and tricks to do your best at SmileyWorld Bubble Shooter.


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