is a zombie shooter game like Zombie Catcher Online. After being stranded in a mysterious town you come to learn it's infested with zombies!

But you are armed with guns and other weapons so you shoot them to survive. Build a base from barriers or crush the zombies with cars and trucks you control. Team up with friends or fight the other survivors. Accrue bonuses, ammunition, turrets, landmines, heavy weapons to help increase your score. You can team up with your friends by sharing the link on the button "Team with your friends." Another MMO shoot-out game similar to this is Fort Craft.

As you enter the game screen enter your name, assign a team to your friends, check settings, check the Leaderboard for previous high scores of other players, then get set to play! If you shoot or enter a car zombies will sense this and attack you. Find items on the ground and destroy houses to unlock more. Every 100 zombies killed unlocks an upgrade or a new building. If your car is stuck remember to drift. Navigation tips may vary on the system played. (Shift) COMMANDS Movement: W, A, S, D or arrow keys shoot: left click - Place a building; right-click - / B Interact: SPACE Run / Drift in the car: Shift Change weapon: Number / Click on it/ Mouse Wheel Change building: Click on it.


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