Through Imperia Online, a medieval MMO strategy game from Imperia Online JSC, players can control gameplay mechanics to transform themselves into the medieval Emperor they imagine themselves to be.

As you compete with thousands of other players in this strategic simulation game, build your empire, build an army, find good allies, and put forth the tactical approach to prevail in PVP encounters, alliance wars, and global events. Plan your best attack strategy to defeat rivals and be the capable defender of your stronghold.

Due to its MMO leanings, Imperia Online has a very strong social component. Find friends among thousands of players in this MMO strategy game, make them your allies and help each other to achieve victories. Direct your kingdom’s population to gather the natural resources needed to upgrade the buildings and technologies of the kingdom.

Collect taxes from them as well, but keep in mind they are capable of contempt and outward anger toward a despotic ruler that will lead to upheaval and riots. Join a team of players, make friends and help them achieve their own cause. Send messages, forge alliances, trade resources, socialize, and compete with thousands of active players in real-time.

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Enter into a theater of global competition where you compete against real players. Enlist for epic PvP tournaments and receive epic ranks and rewards! The sophisticated battle engine takes skill and experience to master and only the fittest will survive in this cruel medieval world. Experience a vast amount of gameplay mechanics, which give you total freedom of how to become the ultimate Emperor, competing with thousands of other players in strategic simulation.

***IMPORTANT: Imperia Online is a free game and is continuously being updated and further developed. To ensure further improvements and fresh content, there is the possibility to purchase premium currency and premium account in-game.***

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