Game developer Ubisoft presents Hungry Shark Arena, an MMO game that is essentially a battle among sharks for the underwater food chain. Eat other fish and grow to be the biggest shark in this underwater adventure.

In this multiplayer shark Battle Royale game you will "dash" and "kill" other players to stay on top of the food chain and survive the dangers of this underwater arena. As this is an MMO game, select a unique username to take into the game. At the game beginning, the sharks are dropped from helicopters, and they fall into the water, seeking food. The sharks are invincible for a while after landing. After the grace period, the sharks can attack each other.

Battle and impale the aquatic opposition. Eat their remains to grow bigger and get stronger. The last shark standing wins. At the start, the game limits you to only be able to eat smaller fish, but with growth, you can then eat larger sea creatures which can be your opponents, and underwater divers, depending on the size of your shark. If you get eaten, you lose, so stay on the move. Beware of obstacles that might temporarily immobilize your movement.

Avoid mines and make sure you stay within the moving boundaries and away from the green toxic sludge. Award winnings gained through successful play enable you to buy new sharks. There are three classes of sharks: Brawler, Hunter, and Charger. The Brawler has balanced stats, the Hunter is focused on speed, and the Charger has poor speed but a great burst. Remember, hunt and grow your shark to become the biggest predator in the sea.


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