Klondike will place you in the old Northwest American frontier at a time when it was open for development. Similar to a farm builder or city builder game, you will explore the wild territories of Alaska, with its snowy mountain peaks, together with adventure-savvy Kate and Paul at around the time of the Gold Rush in this Klondike Adventures game.

Klondike will bring you into the everyday life of inhabitants of the early Northwest frontier and show you the ways of explorers and gold miners. An essential aspect of the game is to settle and develop the land, quite similar to games with a theme of farmland development or city building. There will be the challenging task of turning a deserted valley into a thriving area. You will need to develop local agriculture and animal farming, as well as establish production and barter of food and other goods among other tasks. Having multiplayer features, Klondike allows you to add your friends and locals to help you manage this task.

Given a detailed map in your hands, you will get to explore the vast game world containing numerous picturesque locations. As you progress in the game, there will appear new locations and areas for you to discover. Klondike also has a social component, so you can expect to meet other game characters and hear their personal stories during your journeys from one town to another. The Klondike Adventures walkthrough video can provide more tips and tricks to master the game. The Klondike Adventures Facebook group is a good way to learn from the vast community online and gain Klondike Adventures tips.


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