is a massively multiplayer strategy game created by Matheus Valadares that is based on an actual jelly-like substance named agar. Agar has properties from polysaccharides obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae that can help feed and grow bacteria and other microorganisms in laboratory experiments, thus leading to the central theme of the game which is to grow in space.

To begin playing you will be required to enter a username in the name slot. Signing in via social media will offer player features such as saved progress, a larger Agar mass to begin with, free coins per hour for the shop, daily quests, leaderboards, gifts, and additional skins. In, the player manipulates a circular cell using the mouse and keyboard buttons. The goal of the game is to become the biggest cell in the arena (also known as a map). To do so, the player has to eat smaller cells and pellets while trying to avoid larger cells. Try to collect the little balls and at the same time make sure none eats you. This is the challenge, especially since gameplay competition is against players from around the world that are game veterans. Pay attention to the little planets moving on the screen.

Players that like this game should also try their hand at is also very similar to Game controls are as follows: the device mouse (or touchpad) will move the cursor; the space bar is used to cause a split; the "W" will eject some mass. Use splitting, shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players or avoid them. Use a variety of special secret skins. A useful tips and tricks video is posted below to provide further guidance on playing Become an beta tester by visiting the link:


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