At the start of play of Fort Craft, you are set in a multiplayer Minecraft world equipped with an array of guns and weapons you can choose from to hunt down and shoot it out with enemy combatants.

Set within a sprawling virtual reality environment, you will need to constantly swivel your position 360 degrees to ensure you are not in range of enemy snipers from behind. This version of Fort Craft from features multiplayer battles within a Minecraft landscape, providing you with different types of high-powered assault weapons to shoot all enemy players and try to get the highest amount of frags by the end of the round in order to win.

As this is a multiplayer game, on game launch you will get a short dialogue box that asks you to select and save a user profile name. This will serve to identify you onscreen, particularly for chat purposes, but you can skip this step and go directly into "Play Now" mode without the profile. Beyond this point (and after some ads) you should come to a dialogue box displaying a selection of Fort Craft "Gaming Rooms" that have been created to stage gun battles in and asking you to select one to enter. You also have the option to create a new one as well. The dialogue box will also show the number of players in a given room, the type of "map" of the battle zone, and other information.

You will then select a room, create a new one, click the "Connect" button, and enter the battle zone. Remember to swivel the full 360 degrees in this VR environment to check for any enemy combatants that could be behind you. On a laptop keyboard, use keys: "W-A-S-D" to navigate; "space bar" to jump; "C" to crouch; "LMB" (or return key) to shoot; "RMB" to aim; "R" to reload; "P" to pause; "1,2,3" to select weapon. Keyboard selections may differ with operating systems.

A walkthrough video posted below will look to approximate the action sequences you can expect to find in Fort Craft and help with tips and tricks to become better at gameplay.


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