is one of the more popular .io games in the already popular .io game category, racking up millions of views from fans on YouTube. is the modern recreation of the retro arcade game "Snake" and is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, but you can begin gameplay as a single-player without registration, or enter a nickname if you wish.

The goal of is to become the biggest snake of the day by eating the fragmented remains of your opponents. Use your finger or mouse swipes to force other snakes to collide with each other (and you) in order to consume their pixel fragments and grow as quickly as possible. The bigger you are, the easier it is to eliminate other players. Any player that breaks the record of the day for the longest snake gets to leave a leaderboard message on the screen that the associated gaming community can see and then challenge. is similar in concept to the popular web game

The best way to eliminate the competition is to maneuver into position to get them to run into your snake's body. Your snake's head must stay protected all times to avoid being eliminated. Also, be careful not to hit the game board edges otherwise that can end your run as well. At the appropriate moment, you must slither out of the path of another snake to avoid a head-on collision and becoming struck from the game. By causing an enemy snake to crash head-on into your snake body you can then gobble the fragments that remain and grow your snake's size.

There is the "boost" switch to shoot ahead of the target snake and make a sharp turn to cut it off, causing it to crash head-on into you, but using the speed boost causes you to drop some of your lengths, leaving behind a pixelated trail of your body. Boosts can be used to eliminate opponents, but maybe tricky on the smaller screens, and should be used skillfully. For further instruction on playing this classic game, you can further browse, "A Beginner's Guide to and the Best Tips and Tricks." There is also a helpful walkthrough video posted below the game.


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